Hold your event in the spaces of Restaurant Café NG Kinský

Whether you are planning to organize a business meeting, Christmas party or a wedding, come to us. We will adapt to your needs.
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Restaurant Café NG Kinský is perfect for organising events of various types.
Because the restaurant is conveniently located in Prague city centre, it's accessible to everyone.
Calm and relaxed atmosphere is good for business meetings, negotiations and larger team meetings.

  • The place can be arranged to fit your specific needs
  • Capacity is 40 seats
  • Possibility of refreshment like coffee breaks or brunch
  • Restaurant is good for celebrations, marriages, business events, christmas parties, lectures or wine tastings
  • We also provide external catering services

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    family eventbusiness meetingconference (up to 25 people)other services

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    Restaurant Café NG Kinskýother (catering)